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Floors, doors and windows all go hand in hand. When the sliding glass door repair Lake Worth division of our company holds it’s window demos, you’ll want to see what we have to offer.

The first decision one has to make when thinking about floor care is what kind of floor do you have, or what type of floor are you considering? Is it carpet, tile, hardwood or vinyl? The answer may vary depending on the room your referring to. In the past many homeowners might have carpet throughout the house and either vinyl, or tile in the bathrooms. It seems to me that carpet is great when it's new, but it's very difficult to retain that “new carpet look and smell.” If you have children, or the man of the house works in a trade the carpet can wear somewhat quickly. Throwing family parties can contribute to the eventual demise of your carpet as well. However, there are benefits such as having a cushion under your feet and the look of your home that you can be easily tailored by the almost limitless selection of colors. Good thing Floor Care & Interior has all these choices available plus the experienced team to help you figure out what's best for your home!

In a home where the children have grown up, or busy professionals with different priorities the type of flooring may be easier to make. You can go for the tile, or hardwood look depending what suits you best. Hardwood seems to be “in” lately and there are a plethora of choices out there regarding wood. Some might say the upkeep, or cleaning may be a little more difficult than tile because the urge when cleaning a floor is to use cleaning methods that will dull or damage the floor over time and one must not forget to keep direct sunshine away from hardwood for extended periods of time, nails clipped on dogs and cats, and we recommend that high heeled shoes not be worn in a hardwood home.

Tile on the other hand makes cleaning easy, and retains it's look far longer than any other material. I guess the only drawbacks are slips and falls when wet, and difficulty of maintenance, if there's a cracked tile in the mix. Vinyl is another choice. Vinyl could be the right choice for a utility room, or bathroom due to the ease of cleaning. Vinyl is fairly strong and long lasting, but it can dull over time.

So, what should we choose? Carpet, hardwood, tile or vinyl? We at Floor Care & Interior say, ALL of them, but in moderation, or the right material in the right spot! Just one plan might look like this: The entrance just inside of the front door could be vinyl, or tile to protect the carpet that lies deeper in the home by allowing your guests to kick off their shoes and leave them at the door, or by wiping them on an additional dirt catching floor mat. Beyond the entrance your living room and bedrooms could be tile, or carpet depending on the type of traffic usually found in the home. Tile is often THE choice for the bathrooms. Tile or vinyl can be used depending on your preference for the kitchen and perhaps some throw rugs in assigned areas to avoid slipping and falling, all along retaining a polished look. To help you make the right choice, Floor care & Interior will work with you to decide which is best for your budget and for your home.

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